Calibrating gauges

Please note the dependence of each set to their application criteria

part number scope driving level system partner work scopes (cp VeDoc) code
0090000041 BM 906.x3x 145mm KVM7ZAW x05; KVM7ZAW x10 not with AI11
0090000040 BM 906.x3x 130mm KVM7ZAW x05; KVM7ZAW x10 only with AI1
0090000013 BM 906.x5x 120mm KVM7ZAW x20
0090000015 BM 906.x5x
KVM7ZAW x22; without KVM7ZAW 322
0090000050 BM 906.x5x 140mm KVM7ZAW x21; KVM7ZAW 322 only with ZG1; ZG2; ZG3; ZG4
1 Steuercode Hinterachse Tellerrad 215